Crowns and Bridges

For patients with broken or damaged teeth, crowns and bridges offer the ideal solution. They are used in the restoration process to replace teeth that are missing or to restore teeth that have become worn or decayed. A crown can entirely cover over a tooth that is damaged and improves the overall shape and appearance of the tooth while reinforcing it. At Zottola Family Dental, we place crowns and bridges for our patients in Rocky Hill, CT, Wethersfield, CT, and the nearby areas.

When are crowns needed?

Not everyone is a candidate for crowns and a consultation with Dr. Zottola can reveal whether or not this treatment is most appropriate. In general, crowns are needed when a fractured tooth is being restored, to attach a bridge, to cover a damaged or discolored tooth, or to protect a tooth so it does not become fractured.

Patients requiring crowns and bridges can feel confident knowing they will receive the highest quality dental care from Zottola Family Dental. Dr. Zottola takes time, care, and personalized attention with each patient ensuring the best results. He delivers precision dental work while making certain that every patient feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether a dental plan requires dental crowns treatment or dental bridges, all dental work is performed according to the highest levels for the best results.

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