Sleep Apnea Treatment

Zottola Family Dental is the premier family dental office serving Rocky Hill, CT, Wethersfield, CT, and nearby areas. We provide a full range of dental treatments including sleep apnea treatment. Millions of individuals are affected by sleep apnea, which is a disorder that results from the upper airways closing during sleep. When the soft tissues of the palate and at the back of the throat start to move in a backward direction, upper airway closure ensues. If you are affected by sleep apnea, we can provide a consultation with Dr. Zottola so you can begin to get the treatment that is needed.

Treating Sleep Apnea With a Sleep Appliance

Dr. Zottola is highly trained in the positioning and fabrication of mandibular repositioning devices. This sleep appliance can assist with keeping the upper airways open by keeping the jaw in a more forward position. This prevents the airways from collapsing and is an effective sleep apnea treatment that works in mild to moderate cases. Dr. Zottola will custom create the sleep appliance to fit each patient exactly for the best results.

Patients that have previously been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and used CPAP (continuous positive air pressure), will find that a sleep appliance offers a much more comfortable alternative.

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